American Motors
Production Figures &
Decoding Information
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Production Numbers

Build Sheets

VIN Decoding Chart: 1955-1996

Door Tag Trim Decoding

Valve Cover Tag Decoding

Transmission & Rear End Decoding

AMC Automatic Transmissions

Engine, Head Casting Numbers & ID'ing Block

68-70 AMX Dash Plaque Serial Numbers

AMC Paint Charts

Trans Am Javelin Paint

Hurst SC/Rambler Paint

Date Codes

68-69 Production Build Dates

AMX & Javelin "Go Pack"

71-74 AMX Go Pack tail light panel blackout

AMC Carter Carburetors 68-70

AMC Group 19

Naming The AMX

70 AMX "Shadow Mask"

68-70 AMX Weekly Production

AMC Trailer Hitches & Towing

AMC 67-68 Four Speed Shifter

AMC 69-74 Hurst Four Speed Shifter

AMC 68-69 Automatic Console Floor Mount Shifter (Borg Warner M-11/M12)

AMC 70 Automatic Pistol Grip Console Floor Mount Shifter (Borg-Warner M-11/M-12)

AMC 71 Automatic Console Floor Mount Shifter (Borg-Warner M11/M-12)

AMC 72-up Automatic Console Floor Mount Shifter (Torqueflite 727)

AMC Engine Books

AMC Dash Gauges Troubleshooting

AMC Date Coding PPG Glass

68-70 AMX/Javelin Tachometer Wiring

71-74 AMX/Javelin Tachometer/Clock Wiring

AMX & Javelin Fuse Panel Illustration

74 AMC Fuse Panel Illustration

AMC Motorcraft Autolite Carburetors

AMC AMX Javelin Heated Rear Window Wiring Schematic

68-70 AMX & Javelin Door Glass

AMC Ram Air & Cowl Induction 69-73

AMC Low Fuel Warning 70-71

AMC Crate Engines/Service Replacement Blocks

AMC Carburetor Manufacturers, Stamping & Codes

AMC Blackstone Radiators

Seat Belt Interlock System 73-75

AMC 6cylinder & V8 Firing Order

68-70 AMX-Javelin Electric Wipers Wiring Schematic

Electric Wiper & Vacuum Switch Part Numbers

AMC Vacuum Wiper Fuel Pump Lines

68-70 AMX-Javelin Air Condition Wiring Schematic

68-70 AMX-Javelin Shift Command Floor Wiring

AMC Rally Pack 68-70 Instructions

Trendsetter & Sidewinder Instructions

AMC 68-70 AMX & Javelin clock wiring

AMC Speedometer Gear Drive Ratios

Bypass dash module

Modifying The AMC V8 Oiling System

Swapping Late model Discs into your AMC

New Scarebird Disc Brake Conversion

Motorola to Delco Alternator Interchange

68-70 AMX & Javelin Radio Noise Suppressor

Six Cylinder Carb Fix

199, 232, 258 AMC Six Performance Info

Chrysler 8 3/4 Axle Guide

AMC Flywheels

Prepping AMC V8 Heads

Spark Plug Bible

Alternative 68-69 AMX/Jav Hood Chrome

Alternative side marker lamp interchange

Tip for buying AMC & non-AMC rims

AMC Engine Detailing

Rebel Ambassador Matador Tach Setup

Tire Conversion Chart

SC/360 Hornet Scoop Instructions

Auto Zone Wiring Guides

AMC V8 Oil Modification System PART 1

AMC V8 Oil Modification System PART 2

AMC Books

Hurst SC/Rambler Dealer Order Form

Dick Teague Retires From AMC


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