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Everyone has left the embattled AMC Forums for Facebook. No, there is no '5000+ members" on any AMC Forum. And the Facebook groups come and go just like AMC online groups, chapters and clubs seem to come and go. It's not like no one saw it coming I guess, but some of the online groups cratered to where there are no posts, just handful of a once thriving AMC related group, while others you have same 'core' people posting. While Facebook is not the answer that ails the AMC Hobby, it is a good place to start and have a huge online presence, bigger than any of the remaining AMC Groups I guess in my "AMC ONLINE" section. Some of the AMC Facebook Groups put up a "Group" for the sheer exposure in front of 1 BILLION+ people on earth, can't go wrong with that. But sad to see it sort of at cost of the individual AMC online groups that suffered because of it. Sort of what happens to mom and pop stores when Wal Mart comes to town effect.

I think what bothers me the most is possibly this has affected some of the AMC chapters & clubs, AMCRC no longer has a National Event, and some clubs paid membership is down too. Maybe due to less & less cars. Or people not driving, enjoying their vehicles. I drive my AMC cars DAILY in Houston, so always ejnjoying them. Maybe a reflection of how fractured the AMC Hobby has always been, who knows.

With that in mind, here is a number of Facebook 'Groups' I am in. Some of them are inactive as the members themselves sitting on couch waiting for others to post photos of their cars or comment about Beiber Fever, while other groups seemingly are active with a lot of postings. Don't worry about anyone liking shit either, just get into some of the clubs, post photos of your AMC cars, and comment, it's all relatively fun in nature, and a good way to let other AMC fans know AMC people still out there enjoying their cars, some daily like me, other at cruise nights and shows. The best thing about it is easy to load photos in seconds. Have fun hope to see some of you on Facebook.

PS: If you have a Facebook Group you want listed here, let me know, will be happy to list it.

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This is my own Facebook group for ALL 1968-1974 AMC AMX & Javelin, it  is called
AMC AMX & Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74
if you want to search for it online. It is a OPEN group & I encourage people's photos of their cars, not just for AMX & Javelin, people post Sportabouts,  Rebel, Hornet, Gremlin, but most focus is those AMX & Javelin. ADS WELCOME!! FREE!!! If you wish to post leads on cars you found on cars in craigslist, ebay, feel free to!

AMC AMX & Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

AMC Eagle Group

AMC Eagles Den

AMC Performance Seekers

AMC Javelin AMX

Rambler Racing

North Texas AMC Club

The American Motors Fan Club as well as Hudson & Nash

American Motors Enthusiasts

American Motors Corporation

1969 - 1980 International Rambler Hornets, Gremlins & Concords

AMC Club Europe

Club Rambler Mexico

AMC Diecast Toys

64-69 Rambler American

The Marlin Auto Club

AMC Stock/Performance & Stockhill Built Racing

68-69-70 AMC AMX Owners Association

Delaware Auto Sales Rambler & AMC

Windy City AMC

The AMC Graveyard

AMC Projects, Dragcars & Cruisers & Showcars

Fort Worth AMC Club

AMC Rambler Club of Australia

 Australian Australia AMC Rambler Buy, Sell, Trade Vendors

Rambler Hornet Australia



This is the Stakes Family Connection Group, not sure who runs it, but is neat to see not all the Stakes are on parole or in Texas Department of Corrections! Actually great group and amazing how far flung and related some of us are, you will find a number of photos I have posted, including of my late dad Homer T Stakes Sr, who worked for American Motors 18 years (and this site dedicated to) my late mom, Sarah Marie Stakes DeAlcala (sometimes spelled Alcala) and my brother Tommy who died at age 60 in 2016, please say prayer for him, gone too soon, but lots of photos in there.